A secret base in the apple orchard |RINGO BASE

When you think of the words “apple orchard”what comes to mind?
When we think of them, we believe there are endless posiblities waiting to be discovered!
Why don’t you Come join us and experience what it is really like?

Here at the apple orchard it’s kind of lke a secret base.
A place where you have the freedom to wear your favorite clothes and work while humming a tune.

You can play an instrument to the best audience, an orchard of grateful apple trees!
It is also a great location for a picnic.
Or you can sit in a hammock and catch up on your reading list.

Of course it’s not all fun and games here at the orchard when harvest season comes,
but we think that anything can be fun when we work together and have a good time.

It is my dream for many people to find a second home here at our apple orchard!
Why don’t you come visit our secret base hidden in the apple orchard?
Many great memories are wating to be made.


We offer three fun services for you at the apple orchard.
The hours we offer are from【10:00 AM】.

*You are welcome to bring food and drinks, etc.

“Apple farming" Experience.

¥1500/hour (per person)

You can personally experience farming in an apple orchard.

「Flower trimming・Superfluous fruit thinning」「Removing leaves」「Harvesting」   「Pruning」etc.

There is an expereince for every season!

"No need to work" Experience

¥1500/hour (per person)

You can experience Nani Moshinai, a journey with no end. New discoveries wating to be made with each new experience.

Chairs, desks, hammocks, etc. are provided.

You may also experience apple farming during the tour.

"Apple farmers handcraft" Experience.

¥1500/hour (per person)

“FAB-RINGO”, “Apple wreaths”, “Wax bar”

You can experience making any of these yourself.

*These activities can be held during rainy weather as well

We also offer the following optional services

Mini firewood


You can enjoy our bonfire wood.

This set includes a firewood stand and firewood.

Apple Picnic Bento Box

¥2000/piece *4 People Max

You can enjoy bento boxes offered by workers from local businesses near RINGO BASE.
*Contents of bento may change depending on the season.

Various Drip Bags

¥200 per bag

Various drip bags of coffee, tea, etc. are available for purchase.